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Our vision is to create the best dining experience in the food industry through individualized, unique restaurant atmospheres, while serving and enhancing the local community.  DRG differentiates itself from other dining experiences by crafting a true partnership with local vendors for fresh food, by empowering each restaurant to serve innovative cuisine, and by driving a constant push to recreate the customer experience based on input, leveraging employees’ talents and focusing on local flair.


The DRG brand represents excellent food, superior service and genuine value.


Core Values

Our values ensure we meet our vision. They are the principles and fundamental beliefs we abide by to serve our employees and customers with the utmost care and dedication. 



We differentiate ourselves by how much we care about our guests and our employees. 


Community Service

We signify the value of being an active and productive member of society by selecting staff who model the qualities of good citizens, within our organization, as well as the community.



We provide the best and freshest ingredients to create great food options presented with exceptional service. 


Customer Service

We provide our guests with unique experiences and personal attention to exceed their expectations. 



We collaboratively develop customer-directed ideas to provide our guests with experiences they want to come back to again and again.



We continue to enhance customer-centric quality metrics through an expanded array of growth strategies, process improvements, and best practices to excel in our customer service.



We enthusiastically revolutionize unique dining experiences to create a delightful environment. Through our corporate culture, sound fiscal management and commitment to staff and guests, we are devoted to making our city a better place every day.




We meet our vision by making the DFW area a better place to live by providing tailored dining experiences and adopting a test kitchen business model while ensuring we are giving back to the community through local hiring, partnering with local vendors, and by ensuring each restaurant represents and mirrors the local community through its dining choices and restaurant atmosphere.



Our culture is a combination of common shared experiences and core values brought to life through employees who know they are part of a family of restaurants.  Our culture is shown through community focused efforts, customer service, and appreciation of each employee. We value our tenured employees’ knowledge and experiences, which ensure we stay true to our core vision.  We value our new employees’ innovative ideas and fresh perspectives as they help DRG to challenge the status quo, pushing DRG to constantly evolve.


Our culture is: 

  • A learning environment

  • Fun

  • Diverse

  • Fast-paced

  • Supportive to the needs of the community and employees

  • Flexible and accommodating to ensure innovation

  • Constantly looking for quality talent so growth is perpetual

  • Committed to high standards and high quality

  • Being a home away from home 

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